June 23, 2009


Aliya and Nevaeh are my little fairy princesses. They recently had the opportunity to take part in a photo shoot for Fairytales and Daydreams. They had a lot of fun and we get to have some great pictures. These are just a few of the sneak peek! They are having a contest, if you go to this website http://oohlalaphoto.blogspot.com/2009/06/sneak-peek-fairytales-and-daydreams.html you can vote on which picture you like the best from the photo shoot. Nevaeh is #13 and Aliya is #14!

May 24, 2009


HaPPy BirThDAy my sweet baby girl!

Nevaeh turned 1 at the end of April, and I'm sad my baby is growing up so fast. She has truly been a blessing to our family. I absolutely adore her, and she absolutely adores her Daddy?! Haydon and Aliya just love her to pieces. I can't imagine any greater happiness in life than loving my children.

I couldn't pick just one picture so I picked a few...;)

You can see the naughtiness in those eyes. She loved eating her birthday cake with her hands

There's no stronger bond than that of a sister I just LOVE those dimples!!! Oh how I love you!


There are no words to describe the amount of love she has for this crazy guy
And there are no words to describe how this big guy could let this little girl wrap him around her cute little finger
Two things I love - my Navy and Chocolate
HA! She's so dang cute!
When I look at you I am reminded why I am here. I am reminded that there is no greater love than that of a parent. Your hugs melt my heart and make me wish I could freeze a moment in time. As I watched you learn to crawl and then to walk my feelings of excitement for you to enter into a new world to explore, were mixed with my feelings of sadness that you are no longer my little baby, but my little toddler. I can't get enough of your adorable dimples and your frequent giggles. When I watch you sleep it takes my breath away. I absolutely completely and most definitely am in love with you!
And for that... When I count my blessings I count you twice.

May 21, 2009

A Princess Party for my Princess!

My little Aliya just turned 3! I can't believe she's not my baby anymore. She went from a needy baby, to a naughty toddler, to a sweet independent, spunky, stubborn, thoughtful, kind hearted, dancing princess. Yes, she is everyone of these all rolled into one.
To explain the hairdo... she received a Barbie thumbalina for her Birthday. She then decided that her hair had to look just like Thumbalina, which it did when the day started out and then just got crazier from there on out.
We had a Princess Party for her and some of her bestest friends. We played put the princess in the castle window (i.e. pin the tail on the donkey). She got to go first and from then on was insistant that NO ONE put their princess on her princess, which was harder than it sounded due to the fact that all the girls are about the same heigth and wanted to place it straight ahead. I had to redirect about every little blindfolded princess' hand to avoid the frustration from my stubborn little princess.
Aliya's princess is the pink one in the middle turned sideways, with NO other princess' touching it. ;)The girls won mini fingernail polish for playing the game, so they all got their fingernails and toenails painted.
The girls made princess crowns...
Princess Avery
Princess Ella
Princess Kaylee
Princess Morgan My Princess and her Mommy
Princess Makenzie
Princess Tia
My lovely Aliya and her crazy hair
What's a party without a pinata?
I was lucky my sister Tracey came to celebrate Aliya's Birthday with us, she was brave and held the other end of the stick!
Ella loved the Princess lipgloss necklace (unfortunately I had no idea it was PURPLE!)
All Aliya cared about in the Pinata was the Nerds, and she ate a TON of them!
The group shot
Tia, Morgan, Aliya, Kaylee, Avery, Ella, Makenzie
Aliya's beautiful Princess cake that my good friend Crystal made for her! She loved it!
Blowing out the candles She really liked the cake!!!
Until next year...
Your songs move me, your dances free me, your smile brightens me, your love warms me, your sweet raspy voice makes me smile from deep down inside, your enthusiasm for life makes me giddy, your imagination brings me to an enchanted world, your "nuggles" remind me why I will always wish you would stay little forever, and your sweet spirit will always bring happiness to my life. I love you my little Aliya.

May 14, 2009

We Love the ZOO!

When my sister came to visit we took all the kids to the ZOO. They had such a good time and really considering how many kids we had with us, it went really well. Just look at the excitement on this girls face! She loves the ZOO as much as the rest of us!
My favorite sister Tracey and her cute little guy Mason in the tunnel at the ZOO.
Aliya loved the Kimodo Dragon
Mason not so much!
These are my two little pearls in a clam shell.
Aliya riding the little Tiger
Tia & Aliya
My little Navy
Haydon pointing out the bald Eagle that he thought was pretty amazing!
Aliya, Jalin & Haydon in the back of a safari Jeep
All the kids! (Quinn, Mason, Jentry, Conner, Aliya, Jalin, Haydon & Tia)
Conner, Quinn, Jentry, Aliya, Tia, Jalin & Haydon
Good times had by all! :O)